Wednesday 23 December 2015

Teaser for our online dance tuturials

So Guys here is the most awaited Teaser for upcoming online Dancercise Tutorials :)

Please see Aditi Saxena explaining in her beautiful voice and amazing concept, what dance means to us at Dancercise Studio
A sneakpreview of our upcoming dance tutorials. 
Watch this space for more...

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Saturday 5 September 2015

Happy Teachers Day

From the Desk of Sarika, CEO Dancercise Studio

I woke up this morning thinking it would a regular day at the studio. Least did I know that I would be made to feel so special on teachers day when I am not even a teacher!
The day started with getting so many happy teachers day messages on my phone from the students writing long messages to show their love. When I went to the studio, the students gave me cards, flowers chocolates and most importantly hugs! They all wanted to make me and their dance teacher to feel equally special! I was so touched by the end of the day as I could not even fathom I was so loved.
All my students, I love you back!! XOXOXOOXO
Happy Teachers day to all the faculty members of Dancercise for being responsible for bringing this day in my life!

Monday 3 August 2015

Dancercise Summer showcase 2015

Dancercise's first Showcase was a smashing success...attended by over 400 guests and performed by more than 50 students!!!!

Here are some of the pics and videos!!

Sunday 24 May 2015

From the desk of Sarika, CEO Dancercise Studio

People think dance is about expression...about style...about feeling good...i would say dance is about all of the above and more...

to me dance is the reason i exist...reason which makes me want to wake up every morning and run to the studio so I can be in the same room as dancers, non dancers who want to be dancers...toddlers who think dance class is their playtime (just more fun)...little kids who want to dance on their favourite song and feel happy looking in the mirror...thats all...they dont care who thinks what.... adults who want to dance and fall in love...all over again...with dance... with someone....with themselves....

to me dance is that world in which i can go into and forget my disappointments....its a world that doesnt judge me...whether i am a good dancer or bad...its a world that accepts me for who i am....

have you ever seen a kid jump in puddles in the rain...does any body judge the kid whether he is in rhythm...whether he has perfect expressions....that to me is what dance is all let go... and be happy

What is dance to you?